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Кобилова Дилором Машрабжоновна
Учительница в школа № 15
171215, Узбекистан, Андижанский обл.,
Избосканский р-н, Турткул село
E-mail: iqbol.odashev@mail.ru
Qobilova Diloram Mashrabjonovna
School of № 15 of specializing in physics and mathematics,
In-depth study of separate disciplines in
Izboskan district of the Andijan region
of the Republic of Uzbekistan
E-mail: iqbol.odashev@mail.ru
В статье рассказывается о важности образования в организации учебного процесса школьников, о методах его организации, эффективности использования учения великого ученого в воспитании студентов, а также приводятся примеры на примерах. Сделаны выводы из педагогического опыта автора в педагогическом образовании.
The article explains the importance of education in organizing the learning process of schoolchildren, the methods of its organization, the effectiveness of using the teachings of the great people in the education of the students. Conclusions have been drawn from the author's pedagogical experience in teaching education.
Ключевые слова: Образование, дети, класс, педагогические навыки, методики
Keywords. Education, children, class, pedagogical skills, methods

An education is a matter of life for us, or life, or salvation,
or destruction, or happiness, or catastrophe
A. Avloniy
Introduction. A class leader is a team leader who equips students with the same level of education, the same age. I think the main purpose of the classroom leader is to maintain the differences between students and teachers in the process of nurturing students, respecting them, and helping them find their way in life.
First of all, the head of the class should be able to communicate well with the students, be able to see the child as his or her own, listen to his/her ideas and use his/her pedagogical skills to draw the correct conclusions with each child. The use of new pedagogical technologies, innovations, interactive methods in the school education system, which has been actively developing in recent years, has changed the content of education.
The class leader works in conjunction with the school administration and collaboration with the community and parents.
The school administration should support the classroom leader and his/her work. Because the class leader knows his students well and considers what is necessary to bring them up. Typically, the class leader works in partnership with the Deputy Director for Spirituality and Enlightenment and oversees all work. The teacher also works alone with the children and acts as an educator. Teaching is characterized by a great deal of kindness and compassion in dealing with children. Such work is carried out with great intensity. It is also important for the classroom leader to interact with the students and to see them as they grow and develop. A modern teacher is currently organizing lessons in the course of the classroom to attract students to their subject, to develop traits in them and, of course, to use new pedagogical methods.
Materials and methods. Therefore, helping students to learn and grow as they need to become more mature will help them to improve their knowledge in the course of the lesson. Here I will give an example. I work as a headteacher at a boarding school where some subjects are deeply studied, where 12 students come to study. There are 12 tutors in 12 classes. The students are here for one week. The educator has grown up here as the mother of the children. Because educators love their work and children, they teach together after lunch.
The leader of the class plays a great role in creating a classroom team, organizing a classroom session, and working with parents. For a classroom session, the team must first unite the team so that it can properly analyze and address the issues under consideration. Because there are 25 children in the class, each of them has 25 different characters. The class leader must act in such a way that he or she should give each child a friendly solution, based on their character and their relationship with each other. They are not comparable to each other, because when they are compared, they instill in each other feelings of hatred, which makes the classroom management process very difficult.
Our young generation will continue to work with their forefathers and fathers, embracing the revolutionary labor and martial traditions of their people and instilling in them the best qualities and courage of the older generation, their love for their homeland, and their strength. The child is brought up by the family. He gets more education at school. Up to age, 3 children can master in the family, and 70% of the information they need to get from 3 to 7 years of age. After admission to the school, he or she develops this information with the help of a teacher. So, I think the class leader will work well with the parents. Family is also a part of society. The upbringing of children is vital in the family.
Results. The family, unlike other educational institutions, can influence all aspects of a person's life throughout his or her life and is usually affected.
Classroom teachers must work with parents to consider the latest psycho-pedagogical research and education. In this regard, it can highlight the difficulties and mistakes of parents in raising children.
• Lack of communication between parents and children. Because they spend less time on their child and ignore their interests.
• Some parents slow down their educational activities as they grow older, which can lead to children being separated from their parents and missing out on school.
• Delay in decision-making. The thought that a child is mentally retarded as a child is often unreasonable and often lags when it comes to parenting.
• The high culture of the class leader and his deep thinking will help his people to learn about their history, culture, and traditions, and to be successful in a time when their interest in learning is growing. Specifically, the parent of the class should be the parent, the public, and the classroom advocate.
Discussions. Therefore, the class leader must teach the children good manners, to speak to them accurately, and to lead them in the right way. In his work "Mahbub-ul-qulub", our great ancestor Alisher Navoi described the educational processes and the rules of etiquette. The teacher says that his manners and teaching profession should love the subject the teaches and the process. In the community, the teacher is regarded as a respected and respected person. The students tell them to respect and respect their teachers. According to Navoi, one person sometimes fails to raise one child, and the teacher brings up a class of several children.
Here I would like to quote the words of our President Sh. Mirziyoev. If you ask me, "What will bother you?" I would say that our children are educated and educated. Another important issue that we always think about is the behavior of our young people, their behavior and, in a word, their outlook. Today, times are changing rapidly. Who is most likely to experience these changes - young people?
Let young people align with the demands of their time. But at the same time, don't forget about yourself. Let the call that we are who we are, the descendants of the great ancestors, always resonate in their hearts and motivate us to remain faithful. At what expense? Upbringing is only at the expense of upbringing.
So, the more we bring up the child, the less we get. Currently, there are many opportunities for a child to be independent and mature, to express himself or herself. A clear example of this is the use of "Education Hours" in the schools every Friday as spiritual lessons. During the lesson hours, the child will be able to communicate freely with each other and have discussions. The result is a positive effect. Because it is convenient for the class leader, because Friday is the last day of the week, it is also possible to analyze the child's results one by one. Even the child's high performance is encouraged during the lesson and warned of low performance, and parents are given the results of the analysis by the class leader, which is highly effective because of the greater the engagement with the parent, the better.
Considering the hard work of educators, the President of the country provides several opportunities to enhance their work and to increase their prestige.
As an example of this, I can give an example of how the salary of classroom teachers equals 1 rate with the lesson.
Conclusions. Therefore, they are also very important in raising a young generation, to grow up to be a fully developed child, because the child spends most of his time in school. It should not be hardened with the upbringing that a family should give, but with the help of teachers. If the future generation is healthy and strong, the future of this nation will be great and strong. The problem now is that the teacher will lose his or her self-esteem unless he or she works hard.
So, in a nutshell, I think a teacher who aims to engage the student in the lesson and learn more will achieve better results.









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