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конспект урока job- interview

Разработан тест

Lesson plan
Grade: 9 «ә»
Teacher: Audanova G.

The theme of the lesson : “Job interview”
Objectives: to form pupils' communicative culture, to enrich students’ vocabulary, to develop speech ability (monologue, dialogue) and listening skills; to learn the tips of interviewing, to learn to share ideas, to train skills of planning and skills of working in an optimal mode, to form a sense of responsibility; to develop of learning interest through the involvement of students in creative activities, to develop of abilities to compare and comparison, logical presentation skills, to formulate of conclusions from the heard
Material: computer, interactive board,
Vocabulary: to ask for, to apply for, to be about or important to, qualification, require
Methods: reading, group work, listening, questions, solve the crossword, monologue and comparison, business game
Procedure of the lesson:
1. Introduction: Organization moment
2. Main part: A) preparation.
1) Phonetically exercise:
- A profession - To choose
- To influence -To make a mistake
- A surgeon -An architect
- A postman -A lawyer
- A manager -An economist
- A job -A firm
- A resume -An interview
- An experience -A customer
- A delivery -An accountant
2) Speech exercise:
1. Where do you study? (School)
2. After finishing the 9-th grade, what would you like to do? (Study)
3. Where would you like to work? (A firm)
4. To be hiring on a job, what must you fill in? (A resume)
5. Where must you discuss your resume with more detail? (An interview)
6. What would be your advantage? (experience)
7. What language, as a language of international communication must you know? (English)
8. Who must you discuss many questions with? (An interviewer)

8 I
n 6 4 r
t e e
e x 1 s c h o o l
r p u
v 2
e 3
5 i n t 7E r v i e w
e u n i r
w d g e m
e y l n
r i c
S e
B) Reading and Speaking
Ex 1, P. 194- Read the adverts.
Ex 6, p 195 Share your opinion with your partner.
- If you want to apply for this job what information would you like to get before you apply for it?
Will you apply for this job if it’s not well-paid?
Will you apply for this job if it is interesting but it is well-paid?
Will you apply for this job if you work extra hours and not paid?
Will you apply for this job if it’s not well-paid but when you work overtime extra hours are paid?
C) Business game (3 graduates of college arranged for the firm and compete for one vacancy for the post of Economist)
Main heroes:
- Secretary
- The 1-st applicant
- The 2-nd applicant
- The 3-rd applicant
- Author
D) Analysis of business game
E) Read the text “How to shine at a job interview”-ex 7, p 195
Ex 8, p 196 Are the following sentences true of false?
F) ex 9, p 197 What do you think of the following tips? Do you agree?
G) Listen to the interview with a psychologist (extract)

3. Conclusion: ... Ok, today you have a practice in speaking, listening, reading and writing.
Let’s hope that job interview tips will help you to be succeeding in future life experience. To sum up I believe that knowledge of English will help you to get better jobs. If you know English fluently you seem more intelligent and people’ll respect you more...
a) Marks B) Home task: ex 11 p197, ex12 p 199

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